Haldi Floral Jewellery

Why Haldi Floral Jewellery is in Trend?

The Haldi ceremony is an auspicious occasion to ward off evil spirits from harming the to-be-couple while at the same time blessing their skin with turmeric’s bright glow.  Brides are on a stride to embrace haldi floral jewellery as symbols of auspiciousness and purity on this special occasion. 

The grace of floral motifs mesmerises contemporary stylists, welcoming them in the form of haldi floral jewellery as a reflection of the beauty that flowers and weddings bring to our lives. 

Our Bestsellers- Floral Haldi Jewellery

Bling and Ring provides an opportunity to wear your curiosity by extending a range of meticulously designed and crafted floral earrings for haldi and haldi flower sets to assist brides in looking their best. Our floral haldi jewellery bestsellers include Long Moti yellow floral pendant haldi ceremony jewellery set available at an affordable cost of Rs. 3000, tropical flowers haldi ceremony jewellery set available at a price of Rs. 1450 and Yellow Moti Layer and Mirror Studded Haldi Ceremony Jewelry Set at a price of Rs. 2400. 

Not only these but brides would be unable to resist the charm of yellow roses and white pearls haldi ceremony jewellery set costing Rs 600, yellow floral Choker style haldi ceremony jewellery set costing Rs 1600 and mogra and yellow flower haldi ceremony jewellery set costing Rs 1450. 

Our diverse range of floral haldi jewellery comprising of different patterns, colours and flowers is sure to end your quest for the best jewellery for your wedding ceremonies.