Meenakari Necklaces

Meenakari Necklace Sets Online For Women

Meenakari is a regal jewellery style that was indigenous to Persia, introduced in India by the Mughal invaders, and made popular by the Rajputs and Marathas. Meenakari necklace designs are hypnotically intricate and every bit of its artistry epitomises our rich culture and heritage.

But, today’s women no longer prefer exorbitant jewellery pieces that make their way straight to the bank vaults never to be seen again. Instead, they prefer high-quality jewellery pieces emulating the real ones to avoid risk and outshine on special occasions.

Bling & Ring has crafted a stunning range of Meenakari necklaces to cater to the needs of these incredible women - an idyllic blend of modernity and traditionalism! From Meenakari choker necklaces to empyreal long necklaces, you can explore Bling & Ring to shop for top-quality jewellery pieces at a reasonable price. 

Styling Meenakari necklace design With Your Outfits

Styling your favourite outfit with an exquisite meenakari necklace is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and royalism to your ensemble.

So, read on for handy tips to style meenakari necklaces with your outfits and exhibit our glorious heritage nattily!

  • If your Meenakari necklace is bold and elaborate, pair it with a simple ensemble to highlight the grace of your necklace.
  • If your dress has a plunging neckline, opt for a long meenakari beads necklace and if the neckline is high, a compact meenakari choker necklace set would look better.
  • For flaunting your meenakari necklace most finely, pair it with an outfit having contrasting colours.
  • While buying a meenakari necklace set online, make sure that the earrings and the necklace complement and do not compete with each other. In other words, if the earrings are flashy, go for a minimalist necklace, and if the necklace is bold and elaborate, the earrings should be small and simple.
  • If the occasion is formal, you can pair your favourite meenakari necklace set with a monochrome western dress to steal the show!
  • Lastly, do not shy away from experimenting. Mix and match meenakari necklace designs and wear them in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Intricate and Handcrafted Necklace Sets from Bling and Ring

Bling & Ring is one of the most loved and popular shopping destinations for buying meenakari necklaces online. You can explore our website for the sweeping collection of intricate and handcrafted meenakari necklace sets designed by our ultra-talented artisans.

Our expert team at Bling & Ring recognizes the need of present-day Indian women and keeps designing new products to cater to the unique needs of women at an affordable price. The approximate price range of meenakari necklace sets online at Bling and Ring is between INR 1000 to INR 6000, with the pricier ones being more elaborate and detailed.

So, if you are wanting to buy a meenakari necklace online, browse Bling & Ring website, and lose yourself in the realm of intricate designs and matchless craftsmanship. Our spellbinding range of designs, patterns, and colour combinations in Meenakari necklace sets is sure to spoil you for choices. Visit our website today for a delightful session of retail therapy!


1- How can I shop for a Meenakari Necklace Set on BlingAndRing?

You can shop for beautiful meenakari necklace sets online on Bling & Ring by visiting the website and exploring our stunning jewellery collection. You may wishlist the ones you approve of while browsing, and add the ones to the cart that you are sure to buy. 

Lastly, to place the order, provide your shipping details and pay through our secure gateway. Also, you may track the order status until it reaches you safely and timely.

2- What are some advantages of buying Meenakari Necklace online from BlingAndRing?

There are numerous advantages of buying a meenakari necklace online from Bling and Ring which are listed here:

  • Top-quality gems and materials used
  • Matchless artistry
  • Extensive range of handcrafted and intricate jewellery pieces
  • Easy-to-use portal 
  • Delightful shopping and delivery experience
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Prompt Customer Service

With these glaring benefits, it indeed is prudent to shop for top-quality, exclusive, and affordable meenakari necklace sets online only at Bling & Ring!