Big Earring with Maang Tika

Our Bestsellers- Big Maang Tikka with earrings

We bring to you our latest collection of Maang Tikkas with earrings that would complete your wedding party look like never before. Maang tikkas are something which not only makes a bridal outfit complete but also helps in elevating your appearance when you adorn a saree or a sharara. 

Here at Bling and Ring, we bring to you the latest and the most beautiful choices of jewellery sets. You can choose from the various options available and wear them at festivals and special occasions. Let’s present to you with some beautiful big maang tikka with earrings, our bestsellers!

Mosaic blue dangling jhumka with tikka

Priced at Rs. 1200, this combination of big earrings and maang tikka will give you the grace and elegance to mark your presence at the party you go to.

Kundan Glitterball Peach and Pink jhumka with tikka

Suitable for any occasion, the peach and pink pearl suspended earrings with maang tikka at a price of Rs. 1199 can be the perfect fit for any grand occasion.

Style tips for Big Earrings with Maang tikka

Pairing big earrings with a maang tikka is a surefire way to make any outfit pop:

1. Opt for a delicate maang tikka alongside big earrings to strike a balance. You want elegance without overpowering your face.

2. Think about your earrings' shape. Match a similar shape for your maang tikka if your earrings are long and dangly. If your earrings are more geometric, try a contrasting shape for a bit of flair.

3. Match your metals – if your earrings are gold, go for a gold maang tikka, and if silver, pick a silver maang tikka for a cohesive look.

Guide to keep your artificial jwellery safe

To ensure your artificial jewelry retains its charm, handle it gently. Here is how you can ensure that your jewelry has a long life:

1. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or sharp objects that could damage it.
2. Keep it away from water, sprays, and perfumes to maintain its shine.
3. When not in use, store your jewelry in a clean, dry container, separating pieces by
material type to prevent scratching.
4. Use bubble wrap or zip lock bags to prevent tangling and preserve its condition.
5. For cleaning, softly wipe it with a dry cloth.

Our jewelry is crafted for longevity and beauty; these simple steps will help sustain its allure. Embrace our collection for timeless pieces that complement your style, maintaining their elegance and quality for years.