The Secret to Achieving a Perfect Anarkali Look

The Secret to Achieving a Perfect Anarkali Look

The ‘Anarkali’ is a beautiful and graceful look that is typically paired with leggings or slim-fitting pants. They surely have strongly announced their presence in the Indian fashion scene and are now available in a wide range of styles, making them ideal for a variety of occasions.

A flawless combination is not enough to achieve a polished Anarkali suit look. To enhance the overall appearance, other areas such as accessories and styling require an addition.

It's crucial to show concern beyond just donning clothes. You must master the styling and maintain the aura throughout to achieve the Perfect Anarkali look.

While it is acceptable to embellish your Anarkali with a considerable quantity of jewellery, it also matters to put on the jewelry wisely and keep it simple since to be honest, your magnificent Anarkali is a blessing itself!

Here are some jewellery styling ideas to make you look even more stunning in your Indian Anarkali suits, dresses, and Kurtis.


Jewellery for Anarkali Dress to add a regal touch: 




Oval Shape Necklace


When paired with a matching Anarkali, an ultimate necklace creates a wonderful appearance. Certain necklace styles, listed below will look great with your Anarkali.

Aharya Peacock Blue beaded Kundan necklace


Peacock Blue Beaded Kundan Necklace


Alluring Antique statement set


Alluring Antique statement Necklace


Annular Artistic Choker Necklace


    Annular Artistic Choker Necklace





    Golden Oval Hoop Earrings


    The intricately embellished and royal Anarkali does not require a lot of accessories, but if you get designer Anarkali suits online with less decoration or elaboration, you will need to match your earrings carefully and aesthetically to your ensemble. Golden Oval Hoop Earrings, Kundan Quill Style Peach Earrings, and Copper Golden Kundan Layered Earrings will suit the best.


    Maang Tika


    Floral Kundan Dangling Style White Jhumka with Tika


    This is a type of headpiece jewelry that is commonly worn by ladies in India at weddings and other celebrations.

    To stand out while wearing Indian Anarkali outfits, choose something unique and tempting like a Maang Tika.




    Nidhi Nostalgic Pink Choker


    An attractive choker really enhances and assists to achieve the ideal look when you have that Anarkali with less elaborated work.

    Stunning ethnic chokers are quickly following the trend of casual chokers, which is sweeping the fashion world.






    These are often carved into a beautiful half-moon design and offer opulence that enhances your look. It is the most exquisite form of earring for cotton Anarkali dresses, suits, and kurtas. It also looks great with heavily adorned Anarkalis.


    Hairstyle with Anarkali


    Golden Periwinkle Hair Accessory


    A hairstyle with Anarkali suit must radiate elegance and grandeur.

    As everyone knows, a hairstyle truly determines an overall appearance. Your hairdo is an important component of your look that has the power to make or shatter an impression.

    Here is a selection of Anarkali suit hairstyles that can transform you into a Royal queen! 


    A Messy Updo

    Messy Bun

    A messy updo balances off an extravagant Anarkali dress by drawing attention to the outfit itself. This effortless yet chic hairdo is a flexible option that works for both professional and social events.

    If you are short on time and wearing an Anarkali, attempt an updo without any frills. You'll be ready to steal the show if you club it with some intense Jhumki.


    Hair buns

    Hair Bun

    The hair bun can be edgy and stylish to go with such an ethnic ensemble at any moment, whether you are pressed for time or simply want to make a lovely, straightforward, yet extremely modern style statement. For formal occasions, combine your dress with hair accessories to create a great, sophisticated look.


    Traditional Gajra Braids

    Traditional Gajra Braids

    The conventional Indian braid embellished with fresh flowers, known as Gajra, is one of the most iconic hairstyles that match Anarkali costumes. This classic style exudes elegance and is ideal for weddings and traditional occasions. It looks great with exquisite Anarkali patterns and expensive jewellery. 


    Side Braid

    Side Braid

    A side braid is a particularly attractive hairdo to wear with an Anarkali outfit. Allowing the ponytail to descend to one size improves the overall appearance. It also allows the pattern of the salwar to appear. If your salwar has intricate patterns that would otherwise be concealed if you let your hair down entirely, this is a suitable hairstyle for you. 


    Puff with Ponytail

    Puff with Ponytail

    It's ideal for cocktail events and wedding receptions.

    Choose a high ponytail with a slight fluff for a sleek and modern style. This style adds length and grace, making it perfect for current Anarkali looks.


    Hair Texture and Hair Quality is Vital-

    Hair Color: Do Trial-Run with hair color ahead of time to ensure it suits both your complexion and the Anarkali dress. 

    Texture: Make sure your hair quality and texture go with the hairdo you've chosen. Hair that is strong and well taken care off is crucial for getting the ideal look.


    In summary, choosing the right jewelry and hairstyle to pair with your Anarkali dress can truly make a remarkable difference in your overall look. Whether you opt for the timeless charm of pearls and a sleek bun or the bohemian charm of statement earrings with loose waves, your Anarkali dress can become a fashion statement. To find the perfect artificial jewelry to complement your Anarkali attire, be sure to explore the stunning collection at 'Bling and Ring'. Our brand is dedicated to providing women with a wide range of handcrafted jewellery, designed to enhance your beauty and make you feel like a true diva.


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